Ballroom Dance Classes for Teens in Canby

by Brenda on March 8, 2013

HomeSchool Classes Are Back!!!!!!!!
Having such a wonderful first season of ballroom dance classes for our kids, I’m already scouring the calendar for our next group of classes!
April through June will be our second season.  We’ve secured Thursdays at 7:00pm for our classes!  During our last term, the kids were
introduced to the Swing, Cha Cha, and Rumba, as well as learning a group dance called Salsa Rueda.  If your child was one of the lucky ones’
who were able to attend our ‘Evening To Remember’ SemiFormal, they’ll have an idea of what we’re talking about here!  Salsa Rueda is a fast
paced salsa dance that is done in a circle.  Nobody has the same partner for long, as the patterns have the ladies moving in different directions
to find new leaders, and even the gentlemen shifting different directions to find a new follower.  Tons of laughter and surprises along the way prove
that we found a dance worth getting all worked up about!
Dances to be covered this season: Swing, West Coast Swing, Salsa Rueda, and Rumba (sparingly)
There will be some changes to this season, as I’m learning what works and what doesn’t for our homeschool community:
1.)  Our class time is 7pm.  I arrive for class roughly at 6:45pm.  If you arrive before that time, please wait before going in straightaway,
     so that if anything were to happen, I can be held responsible and not the kids. I’ll have a sign just inside the doorway to show that I’m in
     and eager to see you!
2.)  Please speak to your growing teen about anti-perspirant/deoderant.  It’s just that time of life, and we’re working hard!
3.)  Payment needs to be made BEFORE the first lesson each month.  You’re more than welcome to pay for all three months ahead of time, I know that
      it’s just plain easier to fit into the budget if it’s broken down into easier bites.  If your child does show up and no payment has been made.  They will
      be sitting out.  It pains my heart to do this, but there were several times during the last season that I picked up the bill while teaching for an ongoing
      period of time.  I can’t afford to do it, as much as I’d love to.
4.)  In the unfortunate event that I am ill or if there’s an unexpected event forcing us to miss a class, I will find a time to hold a make up class to keep the fun going!
5.)  Please RSVP by emailing, and slipping your check into the mail for April.  $15 per child covers the month.
6.)  IMPORTANT!!!!  We only have ONE scheduling conflict which is on April 25th, where the ballroom is already booked.  We will be making up that class on Tuesday, April 23rd at 7:00pm
 Thank you in advance for entrusting your kids to me!  We’re looking forward to another amazing set of classes!!!
Fun Fun FUN!!!!
~Holly Fidanzo
The Threshing Floor
Mailing Address:
16603 Umbenhower Lane NE
Aurora, OR  97002
Ballroom Address:
221 N. Grant Street
Canby, OR  97013

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Ballroom Dancer May 27, 2013 at 2:10 pm

It is so great to have these classes for teens and introduce them to ballroom dance. I only wish I had something like this when I was that age. Good call also with the deodorant. 🙂


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