Co-Ops are a great opportunity to get together with other homeschoolers in the area! Here is a list of local co-ops:


Canby TLC (Teaching and Learning) Community

Classical Conversations¬†Classically minded community. One day per week classes with a tutor (mom or dad is “teacher”). Younger kids memorize many facts with song and other recitation methods in the morning. Art projects and science experiments are done in class. Nine year olds through 12 year olds (roughly) have the option of staying for the second half of the day and learning writing and math skills. 12 year olds through high schoolers may enroll in a full day “Challenge” program with 6 core subjects and an intense (but edifying) schedule of homework for the rest of the week. Classical Conversations communities are in many different cities around Oregon. Click on the link to find a community near you.

First Class Clackamas Teens

First Choice Central Portland


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