Hands on Homeschooling: A Review

by Brenda on September 22, 2017

It’s been about 14 years since I used Hands on Homeschooling with my then-two year old, and both of us really enjoyed it. Back then, I was a new mama of two little boys (13 months apart), and besides the daily tasks of cooking, cleaning, feeding, laundry, bathing, etc. (which can sometimes take all day!), I knew that I wanted to be intentional about teaching my sons some things.

I didn’t yet know that I wanted to homeschool. In fact, I believed I would be enrolling my kids in school as soon as they were ready. Our oldest was enrolled in Early Intervention services in our school district, because he was “Failure to Thrive,” blind in one eye and had low muscle tone. My husband and I went to public school, and we both thought that, probably, as soon as our son was ready, he would attend public school as well–and his brother would follow.

Still, as a stay-at-home mom with two little kids, I knew that their brains were ready to absorb information. I read books to them. I bought flannel story kits. We sang lots of songs. When my friend told me about the curriculum she had used for her two year old; Hands on Homeschooling, I wanted to try it.

Why I enjoyed teaching with Hands on Homeschooling:

  • It gave me a guideline of what to “teach” each day.
  • It was purposeful, and I liked that. I don’t like teaching without purpose.
  • I love check off lists, but I wasn’t at a stage in my life where I could really sit down and plan out a check list of what to teach my toddler and baby every day. Somebody else had already done this for me.
  • It added some variety to my day. If you’re a stay at home mom of little ones, you know what I mean–each day feels exactly the same. This gave us something else to do.
  • Hands on Homeschooling provided a gentle approach to introducing “school”. Though it covers several subjects, each subject is not covered every day. The amount of work that is covered is doable, even for a busy mom of littles.
  • The curriculum is scalable. If you don’t get to each subject every day, it’s OK.

The subjects that were covered in Hands on Homeschooling:

  • Bible & Spiritual Growth
  • Phonics & Reading (sometimes just tracing or drawing shapes at this age)
  • Music
  • Readiness Skills
  • Physical Movement
  • Science/Health
  • Social Studies
  • Math
  • Crafts
  • Cooking
  • Field Trip Suggestions

Reasons I might not buy Hands on Homeschooling:

  • It costs $80. While I value the work put into it, it’s pricey, and if the budget was tight, I wouldn’t spend the extra money on this. I would go to the library, read books count, sing, and read Bible stories instead.
  • If I was raising older kids who needed attention from me in their school day (and their own curriculum). I don’t like having multiple curricula open (big fat binders) for each kid, or even 2-3 for my 5 kids. The older kids actually need a curriculum and need to have mom teach them each day. A two year old technically doesn’t have to be formally learning yet (though they are learning!). 🙂

Who I think Hands on Homeschooling is perfect for:

  • Mamas with only little kids in the house who want something fun and educational to do during the long, repetitive days.
  • Mamas with older kids and a younger child who is really eager to learn and officially “do school.” This work is not hard, and if mama is enough energy to homeschool the older kids and fit in a little “school” with the younger child to make him or her feel “big,” this is a perfect curriculum.
  • Mamas who have older kids (maybe 8 or older) who can work with their younger child with the curriculum, possibly while the mom teaches other older kid(s) or cooks dinner. It’s structured, organized and easy to follow, so I think this would be possible and a good way to “occupy” the younger child.

Note: if cost is prohibitive, it might be possible to find the curriculum on Homeschool Classifieds. At the time of this review, there are 4 copies of the various grade levels.

Hands on Homeschooling sells homeschool curriculum for ages 2 to 5. I enjoyed it and I hope that you do, too!

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