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by Jody Newland on August 27, 2013

Rainmaker Speech Classes for Fall 2013

We are very excited to be able to offer a variety of speech classes this fall.  While many of the classes will equip students to compete in NCFCA tournaments, competition is not required.  These classes are a great introduction to public speaking and will help develop lifelong skills.  Following are details on the classes available as well as a registration page.   See below for additional information on NCFCA.  Please send the speech and apologetics class registrations to: .  You will receive an invoice and instructions for class payment.  Registration will close on September 1 or when classes reach capacity. 

Classes and Club options offered

Public and Competitive Speaking (ages 12 – 18)

This class trains students in the art of speaking in a competitive setting at tournaments, but will also encourage beginning speakers with lively games and speaking activities. Students will learn about Platform Speeches, Interpretive Speeches and Impromptu Speaking.  Students will learn how to choose a good topic, how to connect with their audience, and how to include effective movement and gestures in their presentations. They will understand how to distinguish characters, portray a setting, set a stage, and block an interpretive speech. We will cover tactics for impromptu speaking and the principles of “what makes a speaker” in and out of a competition round. By the end of the class, your student will have at least two speech events developed and ready for tournament season. Participating in a speech tournament will be encouraged but not required.  Students will also be encouraged to consider other speech opportunities, including competing in oratory competitions for scholarship. Parent involvement is expected.

This 12-week class is taught by Sarah Aldrich with speech practice coordinated by Kristine Aldrich.

Junior Speech (ages 7 – 11)

This is intended to be a fun class that will gently encourage younger students to become comfortable with public speaking.  Students will start with fun speaking activities and games, but will also learn about book reports, interpretation, impromptu speaking and writing a speech.   Parent involvement is expected.

This 12-week class is taught by Sarah Aldrich with assistance by Jennifer Hartung and speaking practice coordinated by Kristine Aldrich.

Apologetics (recommended ages 12-18)

This class is geared toward helping students delve into the vast array of subjects on the NCFCA apologetics topics list. Utilizing the Fearless Apologetics curriculum developed by Pastor Chap Bettis, the 105 topics will be divided into themes.  Each week there will be a presentation and group discussion on one of the themes. Students will also present their speeches to the instructor and various parent coaches throughout the class. Both competitors and non-competitors are welcome in this class. Students are encouraged to have new cards ready every week, but we understand that age and desire might leave some just doing one every few weeks. Our main goal is to strengthen each student’s conviction in the Lord as well as arm them for speaking the Truth. Parent involvement is expected.

This 12-week class will be coordinated by Paul and Jennifer Hartung with assistance by John and Holly Willsea.  Paul will teach along with several other pastors and preachers that will act as guest speakers.

Extemporaneous Speaking Club

Extemporaneous speaking is one of the most beneficial events the NCFCA has to offer. This event challenges students to construct a seven-minute speech in thirty minutes on a current events topic. The speaker has the responsibility to analyze the events of the present day and logically respond to the topic question in an educated manner.

Students will learn how to…

  1. Research current event topics
  2. Gather information into a navigable system
  3. Collaborate as a team
  4. Analyze current events
  5. Organize a speech for maximum clarity and impact

This class will be taught by Justin Knopp. Unlike the other speech classes, this class extends throughout the competition season through May and will be held at a different location from Speech and Apologetics.   Please contact Justin directly for more information about the meeting time/location and important information about material fees.  Those wishing to participate in the Rainmaker Extemporaneous Speaking Club must join by September 1st to participate with the club during competition season.  Fees for the year will be $120 ($60 due in September and $60 in January, discounted to $100 for those paying in full by September 1st) with additional fees for materials and a facility fee for those not enrolled in debate or other speech classes. Please contact Justin Knopp at for more information or to register.

Speech Club

The Rainmaker Speech Club will meet monthly from January through April.  There is no additional participation fee for those enrolled in speech classes.

This is an opportunity for students who will be competing in NCFCA tournaments to practice their speeches for coaches and/or parents.  Parent volunteers will receive ballots with instructions to assist them in giving feedback. No experience is needed!

Students may practice any type of speech.  Topics will be available for those wanting to practice Impromptu, Apologetics or Extemporaneous speaking.  Students may also practice speeches outside of NCFCA categories, such as for oratory contests. Parent involvement is needed.

Debate Clubs

The Rainmaker Debate club will meets on Monday evenings.  The Team Policy club will be divided into two meeting locations with a maximum of 24 participants in each location.  Those interested in Team Policy debate should contact John Wolcott at                    New this year will be a Lincoln Douglas Debate Club.   General information about NCFCA Debate can be found on the NCFCA website.



Speech Class Dates


12 weekly classes

·         beginning Wednesday, September 25 

·         ending Wednesday, December 11th

·         Monthly Meetings – January – April (optional but included at no extra fee for speech students)


Class Location


Clackamas Bible Church – 15655 SE Johnson Rd  Clackamas, OR 97015

  (only ½ mile from Exit 12 on I-205)

Class Schedule

12:30 –   1:50      Apologetics
2:00  –  3:20      Speech and Junior Speech Classes

Class Fees (per student, except where noted)
$55     Speech (ages 12-18)

$20     Apologetics

$30     Apologetics Material Fee (per family)
$35     Jr. Speech (ages 7-11)
$15     Facility fee, one time, per student 


For those not enrolled in classes

$25     Monthly Speech Meetings Only (includes facility fee)



Founded in 2001, the National Christian Forensics and Communications Association is the oldest and most established homeschool forensics league in the country. NCFCA is an organization dedicated to facilitating communications-based competitive activities to homeschooled high school students, placing particular emphasis on excellence in academic and personal integrity as students learn to communicate more effectively.

Our primary goal in NCFCA is to train students to be able to engage the culture for Christ. We do this by using competitive speech and debate as the venue through which students learn to think critically, articulate winsomely and communicate graciously in a manner that pleases God.

For those families who intend to compete in the National Christian Forensics and Communications Association (NCFCA) qualifying tournaments in 2014, affiliation with the NCFCA is required. The Affiliation fee is $55 per family regardless of the number of competitors in the family. Affiliation before September 15th will result in a $15 discount (net cost is $40 per family). Affiliation after December 31st will result in a $15 late penalty (net cost is $70 per family). Scholarships are available in the case of financial hardship. Go to  for more information about NCFCA or to affiliate for the coming year.

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