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by Brenda on August 6, 2014

Homeschooling and Tutoring Services!!

Hi, my name is Erin Khooda. My passion is teaching. I love figuring out the way a student learns and teaching them accordingly. My goal is to give my students a comfortable environment so that they are best able to think and learn. It is great to see the “light” go on when a student grasps a concept!


What do I offer?

Homeschooling- Homeschooling has looked different for each family I’ve worked for. Some families have me teach a few subjects and some families have me teach all subjects. I can have one student or many at the same time.

Tutoring-Tutoring is usually one-on-one help but I can do more than one student at a time depending on what is being covered.

Classes- I teach for a group of homeschooling families (students are a variety of ages) that come together and have me teach a weekly or bimonthly lesson to the students. For example, I can teach an experiment based science class to 13 kids ranging from first grade to fifth grade. These classes are tailored to the group of families you gather and typically held in a room at one of the families’ homes.


 What are my qualifications?

-Graduated from Biola University

-Liberal Studies Degree, Emphasis in Elementary Education, Concentration in Intercultural Studies, and a minor in Biblical Studies

– 2 years training in Neurosemantic Language Learning Theory- for more information type this into your URL bar:  https://apricotclinic.com/theories

-12 years tutoring experience (with very successful results!)

-Held both California and Oregon teaching credentials

-8 years homeschooling for over 7 families


 How to contact Erin:

ekhooda@gmail.com or (562) 201-6262 (references available)

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